We offer a range of accessories in this category: brushes, files, oils, stencils, etc ... all the equipment necessary for a successful manicure can be found here!

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  • Lampes UV

    Une lampe de bonne qualité est un incontournable pour un travail réussi. Découvrez nos lampes UV de fabrication allemande.

  • Cuticles Pushers

    Repousse Cuticules, cuticules, ciseaux cuticules, instruments manucure. Sets de repousses cuticules en bois de rose pour pousser les cuticules pendant l'étape de préparation de l'ongle.

  • nail files
  • Chablons
  • paint brushes
  • Oils

    Cuticle oils with bewitching scents, you will fall in love!

  • Creams

    Creams for the hands, for the body. Moisturizing, with bewitching scents!

  • Various Accessories
  • Cat Eye magnets

    Magnets, essential for achieving beautiful Cat Eye effects with Nailish Cat Eye Gel

  • Color charts / Popits

    Swatches, Tips, false nail extensions, nail tips, mat tips, false nails. All the material needed for a successful manicure is here!

  • Gorjuss from Santoro...

    Gorjuss from Santoro London, softness, poetry, reverie and refinement, the history of the Gorjuss brand quite simply takes girls on a journey to a world where they have always wanted to belong. Mixed with a touch of originality, the brand's products and accessories will delight young and old alike. If you're looking for the perfect gift, the Gorjuss brand bag collection offers a unique and chic range that your child won't quickly get tired of. The adorable girl without a mouth, imagined and drawn by Suzanne Woolcott, illustrates handbags, purses, satchels, messenger bags, shopping bags, clutches and other practical and decorative accessories.

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